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Personal Fitness Training in Liverpool

Neil helps his clients achieve better all round physical fitness, weight loss, muscle toning and stress reduction, all in the comfort of their own homes!

Neil has over 20 years experience as a personal fitness trainer, in and around Liverpool and the North West region. As a modern triathlete, Neil has been a part of five British Modern Triathlon Championship winning teams. As a Biathlete, Neil has represented Great Britain at no less than 6 World Biathle Championship events in countries as far afield as South Africa, Germany, Sardinia, Bavaria, Monaco and Bulgaria. The highlight so far has been helping Great Britain to win the team Gold medal in Dubai. It is this wealth of experience, together with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physical Education that has given Neil, through his swimming lessons and private personal fitness training sessions, the ability to help his clients improve on their personal fitness and swimming over a two decade period.

Neil Thomson provides personal fitness training sessions for individual clients in their own homes in Liverpool and the North West region. Personal training sessions are prepared for each client, taking into account such factors as previous exercise experience, previous injuries, time available and aims.

How can Neil help you?
–  By improving your all round physical fitness
–  By helping you to look and feel better
–  By encouraging you to lose weight and become slimmer
–  By helping you to tone up under used muscles
–  By helping you to reduce stress so that you can enjoy your leisure time more

How can Neil help you achieve these aims?
Neil will visit your home at a mutually convenient time and train you personally on a one-to-one basis.

A programme is devised with your needs in mind. Neil ensures that all exercises are performed not only safely, but in the most beneficial way. With the help of regular monitoring, you will step up a gear at the right time for you.

Neil has been a personal fitness trainer in Liverpool since 1990 and has had considerable success in training clients of all ages and occupations.

Success has been achieved due to two main factors. Firstly, Neil has a very positive mental attitude to the client and training programme.

Secondly, Neil uses a large variety of training methods with his clients, ensuring that there will be a greater chance of avoiding injury, and a greater chance of keeping the client stimulated and interested in the different types of training.

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