Neil’s training philosophies

Neil Thomson has various training philosophies that he has developed over his 27 years as a personal fitness trainer.

Fitness is for everyone

Firstly, fitness is for everyone regardless of age. No one is too old to train. In fact, the oder we become, the more important it is that we keep exercising and training.

All year round

Secondly, fitness is an all year round activity, not just something to aim for before we go on our holidays. The benefit of being fit are maniflod when spread throughout the 12 months of the year.

Healthy body and mind

Thirdly, a healthy body helps nurture a healthy mind. If we take regular exercise, it enables us to think more clearly about aspects of our lives. Thus, we gain more clarity of thought and are happier as a result.

Fitness is for life! A fitness lifestyle is a happy lifestyle!