Lake Windermere 10 1/2 Mile

George Eland became the first Thomson Swim Member to swim the full length of Lake Windermere on the 1st September 2019. George completed the full 10 1/2 mile distance of this iconic lake in th very fast time of 5 hours 57 minutes after extensive training at our regular sessions.

James O’Neill – 2 Swimming Records

15 year old James O'Neill has had a great month. Firstly, James set a new 1 mile freestyle swimming record of 23 minutes 39 seconds, which sets a new standard for all members. Secondly, James set a new 3.8km Ironman Swimming distance record with a time of 57 minutes 49 seconds. The mile record was … Continue reading James O’Neill – 2 Swimming Records

Chris Millington – 1st Place in Aintree 10km

Chris Millington crossed the finish line in a convincing first place at the Aintree 10km Road Race recently in a super fast time of 35 minutes and 39 seconds. Chris holds our running records at the following distances; – 5km– 10km– 5 miles– 10 miles and– Half Marathon It's always good to win, especially on … Continue reading Chris Millington – 1st Place in Aintree 10km

Colin Eastham – 6th First Place in 2019

Colin Eastham has done it again! In winning his age group at the Salford Triathlon, Colin notched up his 6th consecutive first place in Triathlon Events in 2019. Colin also won best bike section at Salford. The events Colin has won this year are; – Cholmondley– Wilmslow– Southport Splash World– Ormskirk– Southport Triathlon and– Salford … Continue reading Colin Eastham – 6th First Place in 2019