Childrens’ Swimming Lessons

Neil Thomson’s Childrens’ Swimming lessons in Liverpool and Burscough are held for children as young as four years of age, teenagers and young adults. They are taught to swim using Swim England and the Amateur Swimming Association Award Schemes.

All new swimmers commence with arm bands and when these are no longer necessary, swimmers will gain their ASA distance awards ranging from 5 metres to 5,000 metres.

Neil uses the ASA Award Schemes to very good advantage, putting swimmers through their bronze, silver, gold and honours awards, speed awards, Royal Life Saving Society Awards, and the National Plan for teaching swimming awards.

Neil’s son Brett Thomson is enjoying working his way through the ASA Award Scheme. Encouraged by Neil, Brett has made steady progress. At only 13 years of age, Brett has already gained the following awards–

–   2,000 metres
–   3,000 metres
–   2 miles Swimming Awards


In addition, Brett has won a number of bronze, silver and gold medals in the Thomson Swim Galas.

Neil stresses safety, enjoyment and continuous improvement in technique, speed, endurance and confidence.

Neil’s swimming sessions still provide challenges for swimmers who are into their teenage years. The emphasis is on length swimming, continuous improvement in technique, and gaining more prestigious awards.

Many of Neil’s swimmers have progressed to club swimming and competed at district, county, national and in some cases international level.

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Swimming Venues

Mondays & Tuesdays

Time Duration Venue
4.00pm 30 minutes Burscough Swim School
7 Tollgate Road, Burscough, Ormskirk L40 8TF

Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

Time Duration Venue
4.15pm 30 minutes The De La Salle Academy,
Carr Lane East, Liverpool L11 4SG


Time Duration Venue
9.00am 30 minutes The De La Salle Academy,
Carr Lane East, Liverpool L11 4SG