Thomson Swim at Nye Bevan Pool

Swimming and triathletes from Skelmersdale, Wigan, Southport and Liverpool train at Neil Thomson’s swim sessions at Nye Bevan pool, Skelmersdale. Thomson swim is a member of the Triathlon Hub, which encourages swimmers from the 5 constituent hub member clubs to join us for these swim training sessions. The result is a fantastic atmosphere of men and women joining together and enjoying the benefit of the Thomson Swim team training sessions. All sessions are coached and contain great variety in terms of content.

Thomson Swimming has this extended range of Swimming Sessions at Nye Bevan Pool, Skelmersdale. All sessions are coached and aimed specifically at adults, utilising the 25 metre pool at Nye Bevan Pool, Skelmersdale.

All sessions are suitable for swimmers, triathletes and people wishing to improve on their overall fitness.


Nye Bevan Pool. The Concourse, Southway, Skelmersdale, Lancashire WN8 6LT


–   9.00–10.00pm 

–   8.00–9.00pm
–   9.00–10.00pm
–   8.00–10.00pm

To book your place ring Neil Thomson on 0151 531 1426 or email